Tao Te – 49

the wise release opinions
to see the need of others

I welcome those who are good
I welcome those who are not good
because integrity is good
I trust those who are trustworthy
I trust those who are not trustworthy
because integrity is trusting

wisdom shy and humble
resembles young children
confusing those who listen
looked to by those confused

Tao Te – 45

great accomplishment carries imperfection
yet usefulness is accomplished
great fullness does not replace emptiness
yet strength has its benefit

great intention can twist
great intelligence can be lost
great eloquence can misspeak

movement cares for cold
stillness responds to heat
quiet tranquility stillness restore discord

Tao Te – 44

rank these — fame or self
which is most precious — self or wealth
more pain is generated by — gain or loss

the greater the attachment to things the greater the suffering
the more is saved the greater the loss
contentment does not disappoint
to know when to stop protects against trouble

Tao Te – 42

Tao’s emptiness gave one
one became two
two saw three
three might as well be ten thousand

within ten thousand yin is carried yang embraced
harmony follows intersections

we are anxious about being orphaned widowed worthless
yet the wise claim such status
understanding gain through loss
and what is lost in gain

a universal teaching
violent being leads to violent death
learn this

Tao Te – 41

a wise student hears of Tao and engages deeply
an average student hears and periodically thinks of it
a foolish student hears and laughs aloud
were there no laughter Tao would not be Tao

now we can see
a bright path as dim
onward appearing retreat
a way of ease feeling difficult
virtue is but vanity
purity as hypocrisy
wealth never enough
strength temporary then frail
integrity impossible

later we will see
an ideal square is cornerless
better talents bloom late
highest notes are hard to hear
our best form has no shape
Tao has no name and is hidden
Tao nourishes and fulfills

Tao Te – 40

returning is characteristic of Tao
yielding is a way of the way
precipitations develop and are named
being arises where emptiness prepared a way


= = = = = = =

Forty acknowledgements have been visited: forty-one to go.

Reflect on what Tao Te word(s) and phrase(s) seem to be cropping up during your day or slipping out of your mouth. You might throw them a party to thank them for assisting your return from a fear or stuckness in a form/condition.

If a word or phrase doesn’t come to mind, there is no Tao schedule to meet. Perhaps something will come over the next month-and-a-third.
Perhaps your own paraphrase will shine forth.
Perhaps a different model is better for you.