Tao Te – 55

open to being filled by Tao
is similar to being a newborn
the venomous will not harm
a beast’s tooth  not tear
a bird of prey not carry you away
with soft bones and out-of-phase muscles
but a firm grip
inexperienced with sexual congress
nonetheless whole
you have strength
to cry on key all the day
harmony is yours

harmony becomes a practice
practice expresses enlightenment

to rush is not wise
unstrained breath leads a long return
untrained energy becomes exhaustion
weariness is not the way
that contrary to Tao is but froth

Tao Te – 54

that firmly grounded cannot be uprooted
that firmly grasped cannot escape
generation by generation these are honored

nourish integrity and it becomes real
support it in the family and it grows
resource it in the village and it is perpetuated
tax for it in the nation and it becomes abundant
loose it into the universe and it backgrounds every act

trust the body as body
trust family to be family
trust a village to become neighbors
trust the nation to remember its intention
trust the universe to follow its trajectory

how can this be known
by trusting honorable integrity

Tao Te – 53

with but a bit of sense
I will only fear straying from the main road
keeping to this way is simple
but distraction comes easily and often

when the city is beautified
the fields become weedy
silos empty
some are dressed to the nines
conceal a bejeweled glock
indulge in food fantasies
with more things than they can use
they are the richest of robbers
this is not Tao

Tao Te – 52

a beginning universe
mother’s all that arises
to know this mother is to know the descendants
to know the offspring keeps contact with the mother
here is freedom from fear of death

in silence
senses are sharpened
life is full
in action
participation engages
life beyond hope

insight comes from acknowledging the small
strength yields to greater force
outer light serves insight
that removes harm
through learned integrity

Tao Te – 51

things are received from Tao
nourished by integrity
formed in time
shaped by circumstance
respect of arising and presence is given
undemanded respect is given
a natural nature of things

then thousand things arise
nourished in their hunger
nurtured with care
comforted with shelter
protected while vulnerable
claimed before productive
credited before accomplishing
these are primal virtues

Tao Te – 50

in an interlude between birth and death
33% follow life
33% follow death
33% just pass between
1% live among ten thousand things

those who know how to walk through
without fear of lions tigers and bears
will not be morally injured
they have no place to thrust a horn
to catch on a claw
to pierce with a weapon
they have no door for death

Tao Te – 49

the wise release opinions
to see the need of others

I welcome those who are good
I welcome those who are not good
because integrity is good
I trust those who are trustworthy
I trust those who are not trustworthy
because integrity is trusting

wisdom shy and humble
resembles young children
confusing those who listen
looked to by those confused