Tao Te – 75

people are starving – why
they are overcharged overtaxed
yes people are starving

people are rebellious – why
rulers are interfering to prove their power
yes people are rebellious

people must take death lightly
for power brokers demand their life
yes people live closely with death

wise ones with little to live on
understand more than those desiring more more

Tao Te – 74

those who hold life lightly
cannot be threatened by death

were people to live constantly fearing dying
and breaking the law means someone will die
laws would not be broken

there is always an authorized executioner
if you try to play that role
you are a mere apprentice trying to best a master
you will harm and hurt yourself and others

Tao Te – 73

brave passion kills or is killed
brave calm preserves life
this choice continues continues

can anyone be sure which is the good choice
no one know why some are not favored
not even a wise one

without striving Tao continues
without asking fruitful responses are received
without demanding needs are met
without understandable purpose it continues

a net from the heavens covers the earth
not even the smallest things slips through

Tao Te – 70

my presence is easy to receive and engage
yet none can name me or follow this way

my words have deep meaning
my giving is disciplined
a lack of understanding is worse than not knowing

those who know are isolated
those who abuse are honored
so the wise live without anything
but compassion in their heart

Tao Te – 69

a strategic soldier says
to take the initiative removes an option of compassion
I will not advance only to lose my treasure

this is mobilizing without movement
preparing without revealing
capturing without attacking
armed without weapons

to disrespect an enemy is catastrophic
by dismissing my enemy I lose my treasure

should equal armies engage
the one carrying sorrow will prevail

Tao Te – 67

everyone on earth claims Tao is great
its greatness is also unlikely
if it were probable it would have just as probably vanished

three treasures I hold dear
merciful courage
generous economy
wholesome humility

from mercy bravery
from economy largesse
from humility leadership

three compromises I dread
leaving mercy for bravado
abandoning a common economy for philanthropy
discarding humility to get ahead

compassion is the way of victory
through a strong defense
modeled on the heavens improbability

Tao Te – 66

the ocean receives a multitude of rivers
because it is below them
like Tao all things return all rivers return to the ocean

to guide people to Tao serve with humility
to lead follow from behind
this defeats their defenses by reducing a sense of oppression
your presence is not harmful
you will be tirelessly supported

not competing
removes competition