Tao Te – 80

delight in a small country with fewer people
there are machines enhancing labor a hundred times
they are not needed
the people acknowledge death and find life close to home
swift transportation is available but unused
military equipment is at hand but no parades
spreadsheets abound but the economy flows without accounting
food is healthy clothes simple homes secure
happiness abounds
neighbors are near
interactions clear
fences leave each in peace
all the while the people grow wise and die easy

Tao Te – 78

water – nothing softer yielding
excellent for assaulting strong solids
the best
weak overtakes strong
supple outlasts rigidity
everywhere on earth this is known
yet it is not applied in lives
a wise one says
receive the grief of the people to guide them
receive a country’s failings
become fit to engage the heavens and earth
such wisdom is not as paradoxical as it seems

Tao Te – 77

the heavens of Tao bend like a bow
those high are lowered the lowly raised
were the string too long it is cut to size
if not long enough stretched

the heavens of Tao receives back the great surplus
and gives to those bereft of enough
this is not the way of those on earth
they take from those without enough
and load those with too much more

who gives away their more than enough
wise ones

wise ones work without award
achieve the needed in the course of life
refrain from trumpeting their world

Tao Te – 76

just born begins flexible and weak
death ends stiff and hard
living plants are green and sap-filled
in death they are gray withered dry

disciples of death are stiff unbending
disciples of life gently yield

formulaic armies lose battles
an unbending tree easily breaks

the hard and strong trip and fall
the soft and weak bounce

Tao Te – 75

people are starving – why
they are overcharged overtaxed
yes people are starving

people are rebellious – why
rulers are interfering to prove their power
yes people are rebellious

people must take death lightly
for power brokers demand their life
yes people live closely with death

wise ones with little to live on
understand more than those desiring more more

Tao Te – 74

those who hold life lightly
cannot be threatened by death

were people to live constantly fearing dying
and breaking the law means someone will die
laws would not be broken

there is always an authorized executioner
if you try to play that role
you are a mere apprentice trying to best a master
you will harm and hurt yourself and others

Tao Te – 73

brave passion kills or is killed
brave calm preserves life
this choice continues continues

can anyone be sure which is the good choice
no one know why some are not favored
not even a wise one

without striving Tao continues
without asking fruitful responses are received
without demanding needs are met
without understandable purpose it continues

a net from the heavens covers the earth
not even the smallest things slips through