100° F

thank goodness for thermodynamics
on a 100° (Fahrenheit) day
English Black Iced-Tea
from a well-insulated travel tumbler 
slips cooly over teeth and tongue
focusing its attention
as it slows to turn downward
in diminishing degrees
to rest and radiate
its reminder
soon enough all will be frozen
and it is far more difficult
to reverse that process
Huzzah! Hot Bang!
so I wait a bit
before another sip
as I regulate the weather
through my Super-Power
in weather such as this
I’m a human heatsink
may those down-weather
appreciate this task
as I give thanks
for folks up-weather
who did their tea-drinking best
to have it be only 100° F here

in the midst of back-patting
the air conditioner kicked in
putting much more heat
into the already heat
than my little cooler
could ever match

look out neighbors
I'm passing on more
than I received
many times this blesses
but not this time
prepare for a low-grade fever

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