Mark 3:29

but whoever slanders the Holy Spirit remains unforgiven to the end; he has to answer for an enduring sin.”

what spirit worthy
of an adjective holy
takes an insult as final
and so unforgivable

holiness claims a bigger picture
understanding past limits
and overly idealized futures
messing up present trust

to invest one event with eternity
loses track of a growing wholeness
and reduces G*D to score-keeper
with no next season to prepare for

this raises every play
to Super Bowl significance
which turns bitter in the mouth
when a false start occurs

finally a connection is made
prevenient grace and preemptive mercy
meet at universalized salvation
wholeness beats holiness paper takes rock

Those who intentionally “demonize acts of healing and justice” (Myers, et. al.) may leave Jerusalem, but carry its power and privilege with them wherever they go.

Juan Luis Segundo writes in Capitalism and Socialism, “The real sin against the Holy Spirit is refusing to recognize with ‘theological’ joy, some concrete liberation that is taking place before one’s very eyes.”

The consequence of no change lasting eternally, is a state of unassailable certainty that we easily wrap around our lives to be able to keep whatever advantage we have over another. If station is no longer connected with some divine right, “common good” will arise as a primary consideration in decisions to be made. This common good is not a promissory note to come due somewhere down the line, such as a payoff for the poor from a mythical trickle-down economy. There is an immediate result of reordering the present and building on in it the future.

The indiscriminate nature of the healings that Jesus is doing will soon turn to clearer teachings that will reveal the bondage of the powerful to their center of power: heads, I am advantaged; tails, you are disadvantaged—and it is all because G*D wants it that way.

The repudiation of Samuel and the institution of kings (1 Samuel 8) will always lead to the little those have who have but little being reallocated to those who already have much. Unforgivable.