A Pause

We began at a beginning, a very good place to start. Of course there are questions of what other story this beginning rose in the midst of. There is a Jewish way of thinking that what are known as miracles (the breaking of an established order) were already in place before a formal beginning and readied for later use. This suggests a miracle is not a miracle pulled from somewhere outside the system or magiced into being by access to a secret password.

In fact, we began with two polar beginnings. From the second we hear a sentence of death upon any transgressors of G*D’s right to good and no-good. We have just witnessed such a boundary crossing and were surprised that the sentence of death did not fall from the sky and collapse Heaven’s vault.

This is more than a delay or having bail posted or be paroled. It is an exile with a formidable foe should one attempt to sneak back in to rest in the cool of the evening.

Death delayed is not death avoided.

Exile (with or without a presence of an active G*D or a g()d just as absent) will be a recurring theme that echoes down to the current day.

At the end of Chapter 3 there is a booming, “You’re out of here!” from the home plate umpire. We are banned from the field, dugout, stadium, parking lot, and environs.

There is relief in exile. We live for another day!

There is anxiety in exile. How will we scratch out a living?

There is fear in exile. The sentence was only postponed.

There is hope in exile. A second thought may yet lead to a third thought of a retrial and acquittal (this is different than a pardon or reconciliation).

It is time to pause and regroup. How’s the story going for you? Worth continuing or time to put it down for more pressing matters?

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