My thoughts are the measure of normality. They are so pertinent and common-sensical that they do not require me to shout. They are quietly true.

What my thoughts lack in assertion, they make up for in persistence and extension. Everywhere I am, there are my thoughts firmly centered and confirmed. Everywhere I am not, my thoughts precede my eventual appearance there.

Basically, there are no chinks in my perspective.

Then comes the difficulty of relationships with other humans and those-beyond-human. If I am not going to spend all my time bullying others and defending my turf, a small thought is going toward learning through more than the limits of my singular experience.

If I am going to admit any limit, there will have to be a way of amplifying the voice of others. Otherwise, all I’ll find are echoes and variations of where I am. Eventually, this will be a great stuckness—like having a grand theory with no way to verify it beyond the simple assertion that that which is known to be right is right: I know I’m right: so there!

I am not likely to voluntarily give up my right to be right.

In such a case, the main option is to amplify the voice of others to be one decibel louder than I am. If I claim parity, it has turned out that my thoughts claim the right to break a tie.

Though there are elements of Active Listening that are important to activate, they are only available if I can recognize a need for them—a need to amplify other voices is such a rationale.

I trust readers here will take this post to heart and amplify my voice in their lives. Otherwise, how will we ever get such beautiful thoughts into the world for its betterment?

Shh, don’t tell anyone how crafty my thoughtful consideration of others is.

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