Beyond Local

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle plays speed off against position – it is not possible to localize anything. While applying to matter and space, the Uncertainty Principle does have implications for other disciplines, such as politics.

There is an old saying that all politics is local. I imagine this was first articulated by someone frustrated at effecting a change of any sort and fell back on a hope that a butterfly here might be a contributing factor for change at some remove.

Political change is challenging to determine, like that of quantum speed or position. Locality is but one small factor. It is not unusual for people to vote against their own best interests (no matter where such might be identified). A classic example is that of voters who elect trickle-down representatives if they promise to outlaw abortion. A recent example is that of voters who acquit DJT and simultaneously indict his responsibility for acts of insurrection.

It turns out that economic stability is one of the most significant factors for reducing abortions. This means that a local morality against abortion, counter-intuitively, results in poorer economics because of a false theory of common good and more requests for an abortion. This goes beyond “fool me once ….” To become doubly fooled the first time around with increased poverty and increased abortions.

Those who have been shutout of the economy (grievance voters) have recently found comfort in a false theory of strength – it is best seen in the mirror of yesterday and personal independence. MAGA Militia is alive and well and doing real harm based on faulty data and doubly false interpretation of the same. Their unconscious has been groomed to be scammed by the latest con-artist with a lie to sell. The alternative is the difficult work of wrestling with the uncertainty of multiple factors and degrees of confidence in evaluating them. Admittedly, this is difficult to do in the best of situations and doubly difficult in a time of felt survival by narrowly local tribes.

We need better analysis of intersecting global speed with local position. Where is a political M-Theory when it is needed?

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