Blockages come in more ways than can be imagined and be set loose in equally surprising ways.

Some blockages we know about include the following: Physical blockages can be painful – bowels – or death – arteries. Mental blocks can also be painful – phobias – or death – anti-vax. Emotional blockages can be painful – baggage – or lead to death – revenge. Communal blocks can be painful – poverty – or lead to death – poverty.

Blockages are present in every aspect of living. Intellectually, we can live out of yellowed lecture notes of obsolete best practices. Relationally, we know weaknesses and push buttons.

Wherever we look, even at protocols and processes or Robert’s or Senate parliamentary procedures, there are innumerable ways to weight decisions in favor of a status quo that favors the already privileged. A simple thing like a zip code can further disadvantage the disadvantaged – think banks and realtors.

One resistance model with some positive track record is continuing to bring pressure at blockage points until it is released. That might happen quickly with a chiropractic adjustment or traction over a more extended period. 

When dealing with a legal block, it is critical to keep pushing the letter of the law. Every law has a point at which its internal separation from lived reality has to come to a screeching halt. This approach’s downside is the number of people who will have a harder and more difficult time as the pressure to change builds.

A current blockage to a more robust economy, healthier citizens, and fulfillment of constitutional “general welfare” is being blamed on a procedural matter. There is nothing magical about $15 per hour. Considerably more or a bit less is the wrong question. A standard amount will never be right for every situation at the same time. Keep showing the long- and short-term stupidity of perpetuating disposable people. Unless we can find a way to stop such blockages, we will have earthquake after earthquake of reduced progress. Income and class gaps will expand, productivity decrease, and more grievance politics will skew violent. 

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