Dull Effectiveness

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!

After binging mean bullying for its own sake, there is a question of how to stop what has already become expected behavior. In general, it only takes 21 days to institute a new habit. Unfortunately, some habits are never able to be shaken, only moderately controlled. Ending a four-year habit leaves an anxious silence and wondering if too many Pandoran beasties were let out and now need to be cleaned out. No matter what the actual number is, it takes more time away from instituting renewed virtues.

The old Alka-Seltzer® ad that began this jotting is but a temporary fix. Undoubtedly more doses will be needed as a further investigation of the depth of the hole that has been dug reveals how difficult it is to fill it and make it stable enough to be a foundation to what it will be asked to bear.

Those who have used harder drugs along the way may need to factor treatment for that along with strengthening the structures of community. At question is what will hold us together in the presence of residual resistance and lack of agreement on whether internal strength (general welfare) or external strength (common defense) is the priority.

Freedom and independence are over-used code words for authority and military. Yet, they remain powerful. Those for whom they hold a central place can best assist the present moment by helping to find a new Frame for them that will allow more people to have these as personal options as well as lead more resources toward Partnership and Share Dependence.

We have run into the downside of governance by meme. Being sure the engine has enough lubrication is of more importance than the cutest affirmation or cuttingest put-down securely attached to the bumper.

Here’s to dull effectiveness in weaving a new way to approach an old vision of agreed-upon purpose, if not way to move toward it.

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