This bloggy thing is frustrating. I do due diligence, and still typos and just plain wrong words and syntax show up in the final product that goes out to a MailChimp audience of a very select few. I suppose I should be grateful so few receive the errors.

I jot these notes by hand with one or another of my daily carry fountain pens—sometimes even two if the ink runs out of one. I then enter those bespoke words into an everyday word processor, sprucing them up as I go. From there, Grammarly is called upon for a first go to suggest a more effective way to present such thoughts. The results are printed and shared with the house grammarian. Finally, adjustments are made, and the post is scheduled to be released at 5 AM of some weekday. At 9 AM, MailChimp looks in to see if there is a posting or postings since 9 AM of the previous day. Shortly after 9 AM, the posting shows up in people’s inbox.

Sometime in the course of the day, it is brought to my attention by a reader that some fubar snafu (with an emphasis upon the “f” in each descriptor) has occurred and some letter has been dropped, or a word misapplied that I cannot account for but is less than was intended.

Anyone who has a hint about how to better monitor my process so my frustration is lowered without leading to a lack of caring about such details … —Do tell.

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