Genesis Epilogue

When creating began, random elements and dark were available. When a further re-creating occurred, random effects of a flood upon a rudderless box with an enclosed space ripe for animal propagation set the foreground of the scene with a mysterious background of unexpected trees with leaves and vineyards untouched by water pressure. Yet another time of creating begins in the land from which languages were confused, and one person (with a household of people) was called to an unknown wilderness from which an internal journey began toward some mythic unity.

At the end of these three (and additional resets not noted here), the image that remains is that of a coffin that works backward to an ark, uncertainness, and dark.

Readers can fruitfully pause here. Reflections can be made on connections and extensions of this multi-layered beginning with one’s journey within and beyond this particular tale. This may be sufficient for the moment but probably does call out for engagement with other tales of beginning.

With a coffin and an empty tomb, I come to the end of a second look at the old stories of Mark and Genesis.

There will be a pause in mostly-regular postings here. If you do not unsubscribe through the process at the bottom of this email, you can expect to hear about any new project when a next posting is made.

At this point, my expectation is to work on publishing a dissertation by Julie Marie Todd on (non)violence and an experimental project—a (non)answer book. Somewhere in there, I may even put out a joke of a book based on the Babel inspired lorem ipsum.

May you be of good cheer as you enter the coffin of your life-to-date and dream of others carrying you further along than you can do for yourself in this boundaried universe.


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