Inside Down

A tower of babble (lies) is reported as pissing off whatever might be meant by an inarticulate G*D, huffing and puffing its unknown name to blow the tower down.

How else can a heaven-high structure come tumbling down so precipitously? It must require a universally huge power to tip such an immovable object into a cascade only imageable by reversing a turntable.

Such imagery is more comforting, and thus accessible than noting such empiric falls are the result of internal crumbling propped up past its time. In a seeming moment’s moment, it all comes crashing down. How much easier it is to have a single, outside source to blame than the many falsities to which daily life demands accommodation.

Mammon (Capital) is still not supreme enough not to be brought down by such a teensy bit of nothing as a virus. It does not take an overwhelming metaphysics to explain Babel’s fall. The inequities built into building an ever-narrowing tower for the final 0.01% to be carried to the top will never be deniable. Unkindness of every sort accumulates to the point of breaking its dam in either a slow crumble or a fast sulfur-flamed storm. In either instance, proud leaders of divine-right are scattered, for a season.

What gets built at such a time of falling apart will have its own limit as it reacts to what went before it and, yet, it is the only game available. Learn and build or just build. This choice is always present. Just now, it is easier to see, if not to make.

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