Intention is as frail as any set of thoughts and prayers unattended by action, large or small. While pointing a direction, it has no set of directions, in and of itself. Essentially it can quickly turn to an excuse that our intention was pure, but the circumstances of the moment were tripped up by forces larger than anticipated.

Intention is required when setting up a strategy within a given context. Without it, the possibility of finding the best place to place a fulcrum so a lever and our stored force might pry today up so space can be made for shifting the elements of how to arrive at a later positional difference.

Intention recognizes the need for humility that it might shift when feedback loops are engaged. To claim an eternal and unchanging intention made in the heaves is to do a grave injustice to anything approaching a Living G*D. If an intention is held to, past its time, that will be sufficient evidence that the intender is practically dead and living off a dead-end model of meaning.

Intention, then, attempts to work its way out of a job. An intention is best honored when, seven generations of intentions later, remembrance of its initiation of a fruitful process has shown its worth. In fact, any intention is well suited to anonymity and takes satisfaction in a job well completed, whether honored or not.

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