Mark 1:10

Just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens split open and the Spirit coming down to him like a dove,

every little once in awhile
Sylvie brings needed water

while in deep water
we are ungrounded

are centering down for enough
to flip into a new orientation

have we stayed down long enough
to gasp at beauty open-eyed

every little once in awhile
a level of awareness is leapt

our ungrounding and regrounding
occur together—beyond a while

heaven breaks loose from eternity
and opens a newly seeded path to explore

into Noah’s hand comes an olive branch
land ho! time to release all pent up tensions

a next game is afoot as our treading finds sea floor
and we bounce to a strange shore

every little once in awhile
life’s tides ebb and flow through us

we move from drowning in prevenience
to jumping from justification to justice

The unbinding of a lost stone needs a name that stands for what it holds and is drawn forth.

In later mythology King Arthur finds a stone within water that holds a sword named Excalibur. This sword becomes his weapon whereby he rules.

Here the Jesus stone has his authority coming to rest solidly within. The two are wedded in a way not available to Arthur whose sword is finally lost to him.

A contrast between stones may be instructive.

Excalibur (a hard cut), pulled from stone, is quite different from Beloved (a generous welcome), invested in what seems to be lost in dim memory and of no account. Now a Messiah message of a split open and loving “Paradise” or “preferred future” is to be carried into every wilderness.

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