Mark 1:21

They walked to Capernaum. On the next Sabbath Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach.

we are always moving
between our separations
even corporate fishers
live on chaotic waters
becalmed     stormed     working
ashore it is mending time
nets     bodies     boats
active elements recuperating

another day another vocation
same tasks under different guise
especially called folks
live in connected waters
gates     markets     temples
in cities it’s meeting time
questions     testings     responses
deeper elements released

and still today syn-ing
syncing synthesizing syn-kyrosing
simply new creations
live alongside chaotic connections
active     awaiting     new acts
wherever silence calms obsession
breath     sigh     ahh
quiet elements received

Characteristic of a movement is a sense of urgency and energy available to move to places where commitment can be demonstrated. At the first opportunity for a structured gathering (Sabbath), Jesus and followers move toward that opportunity (synagogue).

A synagogue, as a place of non-sacrificial assembly, opens the consideration of alternatives, of local option and contextual variants. A rote process of bleeding and burning animals, each according to the law’s letter, does not provide options.

When ritual strictness is set aside there is an opportunity for raising pertinent questions—teaching. Here we don’t need to detail the teachings as they will vary from synagogue to synagogue depending on their context and history of engagement with the cultural realities around them.

It is fruitful to reflect on how to assist a wide variety of people to leave the trap of fatalism that all we have is a promise of a plan that someday will rescue us. This reminds us that kairos time is always proved in its immediacy, in its doing. This will later aid Jesus-followers to make “good messaging” visible through their living. Likewise, their eventual ability to change direction from follower to leader will encourage similar μετανοέω (metanoia, “repentance”) in others.

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