Mark 1:27

They were all so amazed that they kept asking each other, “What is this? What is this, a new kind of teaching? He gives his commands with authority even to the foul spirits, and they obey him!”

Whaa . . .
Well I’ll be a monkey’s cousin
Just when I thought all settled
   law got graced
   certainty got cracked
   resignation got pricked
   circumference got expanded

So . . .
We’re not done yet
Thinking caps to the fore
   common sense is not primary
   inertia is for physics
   experience is generative
   givens aren’t

Now . . .
Questions re-abound
Response Abounds the more
   intersections are exponential
   twinkles are for eyes
   it is time to laugh again
   be ready to laugh again

By what authority would you chose to connect the word “authority” with “teaching” or with “command”. This word is a pivoting place.

Are we still battling the scribes and so authority further distinguishes what has begun rather than what is being carried on? Is this an expression of freedom to have agency when confronting breakages of spirit or plain old bullies?

When this question is resolved in favor of action being where authority lies, we can better see “teaching” here as a passive event or as a “doctrine”.

People might well ask if this episode reflects a new thought. It doesn’t. The newness here is in applying a creation-long learning, leaning, and bending toward mercy in a larger context than any current moment is ready to acknowledge.

In the disruptive work of Love Prevails we find that authority is usually connected with order. Order is a most prized teaching of an institution and where it runs into its first barrier against beginning again or returning to the energy of a movement. When a new application of an old teaching begins to take hold, an early response is “we don’t do it that way”.

This institutional convulsion of the people is as strong as that of the person here whose spirit has become clean, new. A difference is that an institutional church is stuck convulsing without entering into the urgency of another beginning.

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