Mark 1:32

In the evening, after sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who were ill or possessed by demons;

sabbath end
ends rest
healings needed
before sabbath eve
and all during
are still needed

we gather
yet again
sabbath constraint
finally cast aside
journeying toward healing
wherever it be

here there
missed again
maybe there
we show
bring a friend
await a touch

new creation
begins again
rhythmic weeks
lead to sabbath
through its rest
and on beyond

constant gatherings
confirm gifts
call good
pre- and post-
healing sets expectations
of everyday work

The end of Sabbath loosens it accumulated limitations. Each restriction was undoubtedly well-intentioned to assist in engaging a rest that restores us to a creative mode. Over time the intention is lost and the form is retained.

The end of Sabbath means people can travel without frowns from their neighbors. A city-ful of restricted lives has gotten the word without Facebook or Twitter. Whether that word came from the synagogue or through the community grapevine, a word of possible healing has gone out.

Another image of urgency is present when we consider an onslaught of people at sunset. Word has gotten out through the day and people are mobilizing at doorways around the city. Everyone pacing and awaiting an agreed upon signal.

As in a gold rush, a health rush can be dangerous in the attempt to have health restored. Some with the sniffles might be able to get there first while those hobbling on a crutch are again the last of the last. Can you imagine Peter’s mother-in-law outside triaging the avalanche of people desiring healings?

This is a dramatic scene we will do well to work out rather than simply read over it as an inconvenient detail. Our resolution of how this plays out in a biblical M.A.S.H. episode will tell us much about how we see our own partnership or mutual deaconing unfolding in everyday life.

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