Mark 1:34

Jesus cured many who were ill with various diseases, and drove out many demons, and would not permit them to speak, because they knew him to be the Christ.

my friend was healed
how about yours
well good

I’m glad
but also a bit sad
there were some left out

that blind guy saw better
but not enough to work
that woman trailing blood
never got in the door
nor that little girl
or that Roman Servant
Saul is still prickly
Sorcerer Simon
tried to make it about him
I still can’t figure out
what the Iscariot was doing there

still healing many
was a pretty good show
particularly when
he yelled at Crazy Joe to shut-up

next time I’ll see about my hammertoe
that keeps catching my sandal
see you at tonight’s show
remember get there early

be among the many

There wouldn’t be a story here without the healings of internal breakdowns within the human body and external occupation of a person. So we stipulate that healing took place. Otherwise we start debating how they occurred. There are as many ideas about the mechanisms of healing as there are positions on a scale between any two or more religious sensibilities.

With this second mention of silencing demons added to the personalization of a descending spirit at baptism it is worth asking if this is theologically required or if it is a way of keeping it out of a Spirit v. Spirit contest. Jesus’ authority is better rested on his teachings and variety of actions.

When based on what people experience of Jesus modeling their own theosis for them, we are back to the call to follow.

What are you seeing and how are you putting this together with the rest of what you know? What present systemic demons need silencing? Unhealthy living needs silencing? Fate-talk needs silencing when things simply happen? In such silence-fasts, good can grow.

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