Mark 1:37

and, when they found him, they exclaimed, “Everyone is looking for you!”

everyone is relying on you
to do for them
what they do not see
to themselves

such a position sets a stage
for stage fright
freezing in the face of expectations
for others

sanity demands a refusal
a discard from the soul
of need over gift
every good

at the very least ignorance
of tremendous import
wilderness controlling
majority rules

we put fingertips together
and perfunctorily bow
in appealing vanity’s face
popular idols

When found, presumably still in prayer, Jesus may have wondered what his learners were doing there. They had not been taught that the deeper one travels in prayer the closer they come to temptations of power. This makes their foray into a wilderness still needing to be tracked dangerous.

That the beginning learners were novices is evidenced by their recorded question. Rather than recognize their own fear of loss, it is displaced onto others.

They can sneak out of responsibility for their own state of being by being an advocate for those still trickling in for a healing. “We are concerned about the sick! So when are you coming back to continue what you have begun?”

Their question reveals some of the temptations they are facing and are not up to dealing with without the same revelation of belovedness and practice in refusing to let a price be put upon this identity. Belovedness is not lost if it is not commercially viable. Still, belovedness can easily fade, a little at a time, until it is lost within a creed or anything else to be traded for.

In time wilderness/temptation experiences will finally connect with prayer for these announcers of good. Greater deeds will be done. Deeper living into partnership with G*D will develop. Mutual tracking will lead to seeing one another and sharing of gifts will replenish souls and lives.

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