Mark 10:14

When, however, Jesus saw this, he was indignant. “Let the little children come to me,” he said, “do not hinder them; for it is to the childlike that the kingdom of God belongs.

anger at anger
is more than anger

a larger context drawn
a deeper relationship desired

no allowance
for no allowance

my diminishment by way of theirs
is larger than privileged disparagement

together rising Phoenix-like
wings of graceful freedom are spread

refining even anger
to deeper beauty

Here there is no asking about what process the disciples are using. It need only be noted what the effect is. Caregivers and children are not only being turned away but embarrassed in the process. Those bringing a difficulty to Jesus for his consideration are blamed for their problem. This all too typical reversal-of-the-situation that is still being used by those who claim whatever small amount of power they can.

Myers120 names both a current and ancient reality regarding children:

To respond to the children in our midst calls us to deal with the vicious intergenerational cycles of violence and create the possibility for a transformed future for us and for our children.
If the epidemic of sexual and physical abuse now becoming publicly visible is any indication, the roots of violence in our family system run deep. We are learning about the terrible price that is paid by those who are abused and by families who often deny that abuse has occurred.

Here there doesn’t need to be deep analysis of various forces at work. This is an appropriate place for a clear judgment expressed with the force of anger.

The variant here that most pinches is that the care givers of the children are doing all they can to see to the well-being of their charge and it is institutions that are denying that structural abuse is occurring. This is the case with church and school and business and sports and the military and the list goes on.

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