Mark 10:27

Jesus looked at them, and answered, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for everything is possible with God.”

the rich don’t make it
all the way to heaven
on their present path
of self-presents

without a first step awareness
that “you’re a bit fucked”
our eyes will mysteriously
find themselves averted

without a second step agreement
that we could be elseways
there is not much room or time
to stop a spinning wheel

there is then no third step open
how then might you think
you’ll get off this wheel
all by your little lonesome

when asking zero step questions
it is of very little help
to respond three big stages
down the way

If money, property, or other accumulated asset doesn’t talk, how will we be able to do an adequate triage of who most needs our healing service. If we don’t have this to soothe our soul in times of trouble (at least we have enough to have more than someone else), what difference does a next-world salvation make?

It can’t be said in too many different ways, there is no sure sign of assurance in a world that is continually moving on. At best a deepening relationship with one another and a however-named source of strange attraction of one-part-to-another and between yesterday, today, and tomorrow caught red-handed in the act of moving on has enough fuzzy-logic presence to intrigue and beckon.

Money is the easiest surface on which to draw a Mammon-G*D line. But it goes much further into our ideation. Each time we find our bedrock jostled, we involuntarily respond, “How then will I be healed? How then may I be saved? How then is life meaningful? How then will our picture be focused? How then will I hear a voice identifying a holistic path in the wilderness?

All of these are found between partners, not in one or the other or any byproduct of one or the other or, even, both.

In this way we might broaden the teaching, “Sōzō is communal—in and of and beyond an ordinary-of-days. Impossible alone. Expected when partnered. Live it into being.”

Now, on to the possible!

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