Mark 12:24

“Is not the reason of your mistake,” answered Jesus, “your ignorance of the scriptures and of the power of God?

it is never enough
to quote scripture
the dry husk
of past wisdom
yearning to breathe free
so cyclically xenophobic
captured only for the pure

sola scriptura
refuses a presence
rewriting old stories
rummaging through new
to find a next treasure
shared well past
an answer sheet

To not be able to suspend our disbelief is a repudiation of the “power” of G*D. Everyone seems to have something that they don’t believe represents or is within the purview of G*D.

These two show themselves in over-strict purity or setting up of rules for how everyone “should” behave.

Here resurrection is one thing too many for some to swallow. It is off the table of conversation because it simply offends their sensibility of how things should work.

This same resurrection becomes problematic if it is the only designated way in which life progresses. There is no need for resurrection to be an automatic at some point in the future.

All creedal statements attempt to either protect G*D or shape the limits of G*D. In doing this to G*D we are also doing it to our Neighb*r and *urself.

It is so easy to become distracted and start saying just a little more than we know until finally we are espousing much more than we know as the one and only, literal and fatalistic, way life can make sense.

The questions we ask carry loaded ideas within them. Simply listen to the way people try to frame a conversation through questions. Once this can be heard it will be time to simply listen to the way you ask questions.

We too easily turn scripture into stone by choosing which parts are literal and which metaphoric. At this point of choice it seems that we are likely to confuse our categories and make literal that which is clearly metaphoric and find all manner of ways to justify our behavior in the face of a clear dicta.

When we are better at being Readers (and thus Re-writers) of scripture we have an easier time of relaxing with G*D. Resurrection or not won’t really make any difference in the joy of this moment.

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