Mark 12:5

He sent another, but him they killed; and so with many others – some they beat and some they killed.

plenty of collection agencies
need business to pay their expenses
there’s always a tougher one
just around the corner

this is part of any business plan
collection of debts
recoupment of what’s owed
until not paying-up costs too much

when such a projected outcome
does not come to pass
there comes a decision point
write it off or go to war

both sides play the attrition game
at great peril to everyone around
it is too big an investment to fail
it is too large a cause to give in.

This sounds very much like the result of training from the School of Americas to oppress local resistance to economic occupation of “Latin” America and others by the United States of America. As another wave of threat arrives because of greed, it is critical to become ever harder in response until it is no longer a response but an preemptive aggression to subdue any potential response.

The desire for autonomous privilege, denying all others their same desire, is a crucial factor in the institution and process of community breaking for the benefit of individuals.

Put into a more colloquial phrase: “Ain’t nobody the owner of me!”

Even if we assume a benevolent landowner (or G*D), the function of a landlord in regard to tenants must be asked about. This same inherent difference of power shows up in the need for movements such as “Me, Too” and “Black Lives Matter”. Neither of these would be an issue it is if the whole system wasn’t based on “What I can get away with because I control survival issues of land and sustenance”.

Does this broken community and ease with power over others go back to some ancient garden from which some are cast? This is a question not only for humans, but for any G*D.

What is the relationship between stories such as this and an idealism found in images such as a Jubilee Year when relationships are set back to equal without remembering a desire to return to power by some and the learned subservience of others is still present within?

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