Mark 13:34

It is like a man going on a journey, who leaves his home, puts his servants in charge – each having their special duty – and orders the porter to watch.

it’s as though

by our appearance
it were actually though

while all around
there is less although
than first thought

the most attentive doorkeeper
can be fooled
by identity thieves
hacked iris scans

when revolution
deposes absentee landowners
guarding an open door
is a fool’s errand

a new occasion
shifts old commands
opens old eyes

through a looking glass
appearances are appearances

instructive though

All the turmoil that has revolved around a question for a sign has come to an end with no one knowing a day, a time, a sign. It is, indeed, as if someone has taken a trip. The one expected to know is not here. Only those who “don’t know” are left. Some, doorkeepers, have been told to keep alert as the rest ride off in all directions.

This might be a time to reflect on the various jobs we have done and are doing. Were we alert while doing them, or just doing as we thought we oughta? If we were alert, did our job have anything to do with the jobs others were doing, was our alertness only in terms of the job itself, or was it to see that special absent “someone” still present within the task at hand?

These questions reflect the many options that mice have when the cat is away. For the sense of leaving is that “someone” has indeed left the house, they are no longer in their own country.

The authority that has been given to each brings autonomy in how to do the job at hand. If we were listening in to Matthew (25:14–30) or Luke (19:12–27) we’d hear that each was given a certain amount of money, “minas” or “talents” and to see about investing it.

Mark doesn’t bring the judgment of being thrown into Gehenna (Matthew) or being stripped of what little you have (Luke). Here attention is something that can still be attained even if it has slipped a bit.

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