Mark 14:11

They were glad to hear what he said, and promised to pay him. So he began looking for a good opportunity to betray Jesus.

once you delighted me
every journey fresh
playing Robin Hood
tweaking royal noses
strewing miracles

now in a lowly manger
of sick Simon’s house
attended by a no-account
woman wasting money
you take your stand

this place this act
doesn’t measure up
to paired success
to fed crowds
to stilled storms

you delight in taking
your long overdue due
and I’ll take mine
without delight
rotgut neat

The desires/prayers of the Chief Priests and Scribes were affirmed in an unexpected way. Like one swift sword swipe their dilemma was resolved.

The relief was palpable, the delight equal to that of Herod watching a dance in his honor.

In both cases promises were made and preparations had to be made. Herodias’ dancing daughter had her mother to turn to for advice. There is no mention of a mentor for Judas as to what opportunity would do for his deed and subsequent reception of silver—coins as cold and dead as the corpse of the one he was handing over.

Other sources note an amount (30 pieces of silver, the price of a slave). Mark’s simple promise keeps the focus on the rejoicing of the Chief Priests and Scribes. The money is of no more consequence than the offer of booths at a transfiguration. The whole promise phrase could be deleted with no real loss to Mark’s story as the promise is never recorded as having been fulfilled or Judas’ returning it.

It is enough for Mark to note the delight of the Chief Priests and Scribes that Judas would then take up their problem of finding a way to have Jesus handed over that wouldn’t rile up the crowds either to defend Jesus or revolt against the Temple authorities. All they had to do was promise some coins that wouldn’t have to be exchanged at the Temple. A pretty sweet deal for them.

Remembering a cleansing of the Temple, LaVerdiere2229, writes:

Ironically, the chief priests and Judas, “one of the Twelve,” were selling and buying the life of Jesus (14:11a), I AM (14:62), the life of one who would replace the Temple three days after it was destroyed (14:58).

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