Mark 2:10

But so you may know that the Son of Man has power to forgive sins on earth”

so you will remember
I will raise your anxiety
with a magicians dexterity
to lead in one direction
without warning
finding another road taken

I will speak to one
and be heard through generations
authoring a break with expectations
through a giving of what is already given
to surprise one another out of wilderness
reconnecting animals with angels

so inured to power are we
we wonder what would excuse
no longer dividing ourselves from G*D
with top-down authority
to get out of our own paralyzed way
means first taking a deep anticipatory breath

Actually this is not going to be proof. Just as people in the 1st Century CE had plenty of wonder workers, so we have our TV healers that appear to have successfully unparalyzed many (not celebrity stories like Christopher Reeves, but plenty enough to attract more seeking a healing for themselves or someone close.)

Every continent has its special places where it doesn’t even take a healer in person, only a place such as Lourdes with a history of claims.

Speaking of claims, here is what C.S. Mann says about the phrase “Human One” or “Son of Man”, “In all the synoptic gospels, the appearance of the term before the confession of Peter or the passion predictions is an anomaly, and it is Caesarea Philippi which is accepted by most commentators as the terminus a quo of authenticity. The result is near unanimity in dismissing this instance as a primitive Christian creation.”

Such little additions creep into our conversations quite easily until we end up having said more than we know or can show. Just a little aggrandizement here or an alliterative phrasing there and pretty soon we have opened ourself to defending what we have said simply because we said it or backing down which raises further questions about what else we have said needs to be taken back.

One evaluative tool here is to look at your writing for words or ideas that keep coming around. These are our danger spots.

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