Mark 2:3

Some people came, bringing to him a paralyzed man, who was being carried by four of them.

supply lines are critical
for an intention to sustain traction

one found paralyzed in their wilderness
needs tending and carrying

one can bring drink or fireman carry
either option will bring two to their knees

two can relay or bear a stretcher
more sustainable but soon it will be three down

three improves the odds of effective care
while also setting up a self-defeating triangle

four begins a trend toward mutual care
and sets creative organizing loose

what are the needs where are the resources
what lever is available where is a fulcrum

five different wilderness weaknesses
intersect to cast a spell strengthening each

Jesus spoke.

What aspect of making a healthy choice would make a good lead in to a surprise healing.

Given our serial wildernesses, some word of reassurance is probably in order. Just what word-spin he used is probably best left to the reader to speak to their own situation.

Whatever the spoken context, we are led into anticipating a next unexpected encounter.

Who would have thought that a crowded doorway would be the scene of a next wilderness, a place where desires are thwarted. This is also a place were the wonder of imagination strikes at the last possible moment.

Every place the demonic side of purity (segregation, exclusion) or power (poverty, war) arises, an everyday word of another choice needs speaking and enacting. “Habits of the heart” need revealing and restoring.

It is silence that allows us to be fooled into excusing our paralysis. We see all too clearly how powerless we are and fail to see the power yet remaining available to choose and witness otherwise. In doing otherwise, a previously invisible door is found. What word sounds in your center and radiates outward?

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