Mark 3:11

The foul spirits, too, whenever they caught sight of him, flung themselves down before him, and screamed out, “You are the Son of God”!

little tuberculi
broken toes
addictive thoughts
dry eyes
all quiet
in their dismissal

but oh those demonic
what a ruckus
why were they pushing ahead
while yelling bloody murder

with a healer backed up
there was easy escape
and yet they are drawn
where they would not volunteer
who can explain it
or tell you why
such as these are here

as they come to accuse
they find themselves
falling into place
as a fence blocking
water and a wall
baptism and temptation
repeat and reprise

Repeatedly people in need of healing come to touch or be touched. This physical connection is important. Anointing is a socially acceptable way to lay hands on in memory of this touch.

Repeatedly, those in need of exorcism are recorded as seeing more deeply than a usual scan of the area. The presence of an outer authority heightens awareness.

Exorcisms are known for authoritative commands to leave. Convulsion and yelling are two common reports of what happens when two authorities (inner and outer (or even more inner)) come in contact. When there is only room for one positive or negative pole, whichever is in question is stressed when its equivalency is on the scene. Remember your elementary experiments with magnetism and the way same charges repel one another. There is only room for one spirit at a time.

Jesus seems comfortable to go as far as “son of man” as an identifier. C.S. Mann has an interesting idea that the phrase about “Son of God” is an interpretation by the hearers of the inchoate shouting when a spirit of confusion catches and jaggedly lets go under a plate of belovedness. The sound of an earthquake of release goes beyond language but is still attempted to be made sense of and “G*D’s Partner” is what observers understood about their experience without actually hearing the words—it is not an affirmation of Messiah.

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