Mark 3:34

Then he looked around on the people sitting in a circle around him, and said,  “Here are my mother and my brothers!

everywhere I look
there they are
my people

my people are
sister sun
father moon
mother rain
brother sea

anonymous cousins neighbors
are everywhere
my people

my people are
mother Belva
brothers Larry Tim
sisters Kathy Margy
father Russell

ancestors galore and any yet to come
veiled and revealed
my people

my people are
sister friendly
father exploring
mother equipping
brother challenging

in dance and shadow
we reach and touch
my people

This chapter began with a deep look into those who questioned the healing of a withered hand. It is that same look that scans those present to delve into hearts and understanding.

That look shifts from finding a lack of compassion in the face of need to now seeing sparks being struck that connect previously scattered intersections of life.

Here, in this round, we are partnered in mentoring, mothering, and learning, brothering, with one another.

This dynamic of tender support and clear-eyed challenge is a very difficult way to go as followers stand on their caller’s shoulders and launch, pressing back and down for their quantum leap. This process is very difficult as mentors push their followers well beyond theory, all the way to learning from experience.

A second look, also reveals such difficulties having to be dealt with ever and anon.

This new family configuration will have the same question asked of them in days to come, “Are you still my mother? My brother?” Different responses will come forth. “Yes”; Messiah. “No”; Kiss. “Yes”; Distance. “No”; Run. “Yes” and “No”; Galilee.

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