Mark 4:28

The ground bears the crop of itself – first the blade, then the ear, and then the full grain in the ear;

presence pops
into and out of view
just enough
to keep us alert

this year’s elements
are coming together rather nicely
until we remember
locusts will hatch this year

nothing has its own rhythm
apart from Kali’s dance
of mesmerizing hands
showing one facet after another

our ideal keeps bumping
other bumps in the night
initially cringing in the crash
before dayenu sense settles in

So comes creation. Day by day. Goodness by goodness. Spoken and lived.

This has majesty and grandness worth attending to— marveling and wondering and studying and honoring.

It is also out of control. There is no knowing when a physical harvest turns metaphorical and then harvests us.

The growth we cannot see does eventually come about. It may take an Asimovian-long Foundation series amount of time (though, given the amount of humor in the universe, it is probably not quite as serious and intentional as this speculative fiction extended spoof on popular Christianity). It may be here as quickly as a next breath that doesn’t come.

A review of life is available all along a way leading to a “harvest”. It is such a review that hastens a day for hearing a call to announce through our living a message of belovedness that trusts a present abundance in anticipation of a “harvest” still on its way. Gleaning as an act of honoring a still incomplete harvest, puts us on the way to whatever “enough” might be in the wisdom of Dayenu.

Partnership is a way of reminding ourselves that we are not left to our own devices where everyday life simply spins and there is nothing we can do to hurry or delay a harvest. Partnership that is met in the word “Beloved” does carry action with it, even though such action is not oriented beyond the integrity of one’s best movement toward a wholeness within and desiring such for others. It is in partnership that we are picked up when faltering or caught in specific situations of testing. It is in partnership that we support our partner in their time of confusion or despair. Together we remind each other of a “better” still on its way.

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