Mark 5:43

but Jesus repeatedly cautioned them not to let anyone know of it, and told them to give her something to eat.

it is enough that it happened
to know a magician’s simple how
is best kept under wraps
so mums the word

she walks it happened
this much is undeniable
more would be TMI

the practicalities of life happen
ground us in a next best choice

feed this potential mother-in-law

We have previously heard injunctions to not tell about a dramatic change in life. Between the last such charge in 3:12 addressed to “demons” identifying Jesus as “G*D’s Partner” and before that, in 1:44, to a person whose flesh was cleansed, there have been two recent times when a command to silence did not happen—the Geresene in 5:19 is instructed to tell his own people and the Hemorrhaging Woman in 5:34 is simply sent off with a blessing.

LaVerdiere140-141 suggests that context (spiritual maturity?) of the person healed is the deciding factor in keeping their story quiet.

The skin-diseased man dared Jesus for a healing and a healing qua healing came. There is not a good way to tell this story without saying more than can be claimed.

The demons were upset about their being silenced and were revealing relationships before their time was ripe. This leads to questions for which there is no good response and subsequent confusion.

Here a faithful synagogue leader will be put in an untenable position should he speak favorably about his daughter’s healing. He won’t have the required two witnesses (only a spouse).

On the other hand, the Geresene desired to follow Jesus (to learn more) and is instructed to set up next visits to the Decapolis by telling his story. He had a call to meet and silence would not facilitate it.

The Hemorrhaging Woman started with faith that a healing could be accomplished and quietly claimed it without publicly daring Jesus. To “Go in peace” is different than leaving in silence.

Today there are still those who claim more than is helpful to say about Jesus and Church and those who don’t say what they do know. This is a question of discernment for any claiming to be Christian for it affects ecclesiology, discipleship, and missional extension.

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