Mark 5:7

shrieking out in a loud voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? For God’s sake do not torment me!”

like love’s beginning
we deflect to denial
our fear of rejection
so overwhelming
so potentially deflating
so I’ll just die

we test and probe
you’re ugly
nobody likes you
why are you here
what are you trying to pull
I’ll never …

will this be the last word
can this amount of resistance
be overcome by a remaining flicker
time to turn our backs
fantasize what might have been

The versification here is suspect as verse 6 is focused on the specialness of Jesus and this verse shows the worst of regular humans. The specialness of humans cannot helpfully be separated from the any, otherwise, divine aspect. Such a duality eventually leads to a “divine right of kings” relationship within a community of people.

= = = = = = =

This person is all too well acquainted with torture. They know it even before they see it. Torture is the water they swim in. Shackles for the feet and chains for the arms are just the easiest to recognize of torture’s forms.

Early and late the occupation of a land and people requires physical, mental, relational, and spiritual torture. Each application brings further dehumanization.

Each affront brings forth a next stronger reaction. This is true whether it is earth responding to fracking with increased earthquakes or humans with volcanic eruptions when they have their identity robbed by systems intended to privilege some over all.

With this in mind, the next question is what torture does this Jesus have in mind?

We might hear this serially-bound person mutter, “I have identity as a demoniac. Who will I be if I don’t have that and am still in my own country that has turned me into acting demonically?” This question is our land-locked question, just as it was a question asked by the disciples at sea when a storm was stilled (4:41). “Who is this? What does this have to do with me?”

First a kneeling and flattering address to set up the next gambit—exorcise the exorcist. Knowing that there are chains strong enough to predestine me alongside Sisyphus, it becomes important to get an agreement, a swearing, similar to a legislated “Protected Concerted Activity” for an employee where the employer can fire at will. While socially labeled mad, there is good worldly wisdom in their dealings.

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