Mark 6:2

When the Sabbath came, he began to teach in the synagogue; and the people, as they listened, were deeply impressed. “Where did he get this?” they said, “and what is this wisdom that has been given him? And these miracles which he is doing?

questions carry
tentative ideas
further questions
raise suspicions

rather than attend
count ceiling tiles
note character flaws
pass a note

sacred teaching space
time stands still
sculpting repeated lives
allowing no mutation

beginning wonders
permit quenching
active danger
wrapped responses

When the next Sabbath comes around, Jesus is “teaching” in a place where faithful descendants of Israel (G*D Wrestler) honor one another with honest responses to the impact and importance of his teaching.

The journey thus far has included several synagogue scenes with disputes with the Scribes and Pharisees (people of the rules) and now we are facing an intersection between Jesus and regular synagogue attendees.

Things seem to be going well for our hometown boy. The phrases that are both question and exclamation seemingly burst forth in all their positive and negative tones of voice.

“What kind of thinking is this?”

“This is Wisdom!”

“How accomplished!”

The adulation and dismay of all the crowds encountered come together in the special caldron of home territory. This is the third engagement with a synagogue. As in all good fairy tales the third time is where the change happens. This will be the last time Mark reports Jesus in a synagogue

For the moment things seem to be going swimmingly. Jesus’ healing fame has preceded him. His telling the story of Creation continuing to be present and changes needed to keep up with a Living G*D was captivating. It engaged the whole life of individuals and the community. There is something for every-one and everyone to be working on. For some this is energizing; for some this is enervating. Some were honored by his presence and words; some were shamed by both.

Attend to this turning point and learning from it. There will be more decision points built on past scenes and preparing for a next.

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