Mark 6:31

“Come by yourselves privately to some lonely spot,” he said, “and rest for a while” – for there were so many people coming and going that they had not time even to eat.

what a hubbub
so many stories
joy set loose
assurance brimming

one by one
two by two
olive branches
tell a larger tale

there is still
fertile ground
seeded from anon
watered by tears

a word here
adjustment there
it has been
our great honor

slowly a new normal
elan simply expected
brings a next awareness
I’m tired and happy

a huddled mass
regardless of buoyancy
still has needs
let’s honor them

hi-ho hi-ho
its off to feast
we go
come on along

As a member of Kairos CoMotion, I am always intrigued when “kairos” rolls around as it does with εὐκαιρέω (eukaireō). Other translations say there was no leisure to eat.

When an opportune, suitable, propitious and timely time is not the present time, it is past time for a retreat into deep wilderness for renewal of your eyes to be able to see a right moment in every moment.

It is instructive to see that the previous use of this word is used to describe the opportunity Herod took to have his birthday bash and subsequent feast and dance and death of John. This gives pause to consider how like Herod the inner circle of Jesus became as they found themselves challenged by circumstances beyond their imagination and control when Jesus’ arrest comes out of the blue. They experience the same inability as Herod to change a course of events.

We get so caught up in the comings and goings in our life that we loose focus on what is next. This leaves us prey to past experiences and trying to replicate them. As we glory in our stories of success we find we need to keep embellishing them, like a story about any caught fish, until we lose track of our growth edges being attracted by a pull into a tomorrow based on the amount of heaven we are able to establish on earth today.

Where do you need to go today to renew your leisure license? A part of being an apostle is tracking opportunities already available.

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