Mark 6:55

hurried over the whole country-side, and began to carry about on mats those who were ill, wherever they heard he was.

finding health
is difficult enough
without a secret M.A.S.H.
mobile announcement spreading hero

put the wounded on mats
toted stretcher style
slowly through tough terrain
faster helicoptering above

rather than ride off in all directions
tune-in to traffic on the eights
for news of delays and accidents
to arrive before another venue change

In Europe first, United States of America next, and expected in the currently growing churches south of the equator—people are not running to bring the sick and poor to the church. When they are not present, “church” ceases to be a community of compassion and premeditated mercy. Not all the money in the world will cover for the bankruptcy of homogeneity.

Somehow the crowds are able to see value in the presence of Jesus and go out of their way to see that those who need a revival are able to be present with him. Admittedly, an appreciation of a return to health can be short-lived and turn into, “I’ve got mine; you are responsible for your own getting.” What we too easily term curing miracles pale in regard to a healing miracle of heart, attitude, and running to honor a healing by sharing its source with all about.

The detail of people being carried on a mat takes us back to Chapter 2 and the friends of a paralytic digging through the roof to be let in.

Imagine the sick of a whole region showing up. It was difficult with the paralytic when the “competition” for healing was only the city of Capernaum. If even more people crowd around, the desired respite (remember this is a continuation of wanting to get away because there wasn’t time to eat) is again put off.

An obvious question: Why the current disconnect from people running to bring folks to Jesus and folks running from the presence of his official trademark? A not obvious response: First, we have lost the Chapter 6 commission to recognize “hospitality” and leverage it to cast out demons. Second, will be a Chapter 9 “prayer” (vs. 29) that redeems technique from proof to the mystery of partnered relationships. On these two rest an authority connected with creation energy.

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