Mark 9:8

And suddenly, on looking around, they saw that there was now no one with them but Jesus alone.

as suddenly as mystery arrives
it is swept away into today
to reevaluate our surety
to see tomorrow ever closer

we hear an only piano play
smell garlic butter sauce
look around to find
yet another mystery you

here is wrapped together
our common heritage
holding a common good
to dawn’s earliest light

in a single glance
we sense our depth
settling further in
steadfast resolute

thanks be for a clarifying view
reshaping our travel
from transfiguration mountain
or desolation row

There are very few comments about this particular verse given by commentators. A part of that is trying to determine if this is the last verse of Transfiguration experience or if it is a first verse of a return to ordinary life with all its dullness and problems of living apart from what has been demonstrated as a Way of Wilderness Good News.

The series of surprises in a recognition of Moses and Elijah, blinding garments, mountain top dark storm clouds, and a Voice have ended. When this epiphany suddenly comes to a close there is not much left to do but shake one’s head to try and clear it in an attempt to avoid, “And they woke from their dream.”

What is to be made of this series of moments? Can any of it be understood? What does it mean going forward?

These are questions best received in the quiet of retreat space. You may want to jot a beginning response below—

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