I’ve heard that “Money Talks!” Is that connected with feelings or just another way of saying, “Shut up! The Master is Telling!”?

Were money to notice, beyond its current location, that some of its siblings are concentrated in gated housing (financial establishments) and other relations were scattered but slowly migrating toward a universal reunion—would it laugh or cry?

Always there is the likely acknowledgment that money is but a pawn moved by a market’s finger. But feelings? None.

When those influenced by money have a surplus, it is easy to see a habit that escalates to never having enough.

When those influenced by money have a deficiency, it is easy to fixate on an increase-of-money as a solution.

When those influenced by money have sufficient, it is miraculous.

When finance measures meaning, it uses a magic elastic ruler. Those with a deficit turn out to be, on average, three-fifths of a person. Those with a surplus are granted possessions up to several billion deficient persons. Those who think they have about the right amount, are mostly dry drunks who would not risk the economic system to benefit its enslaved.

Always, the odds of economic change are at least 2:1 against. Even when a teensy virus reveals monetary pain next door, inertia enervates. A muted “tsk-tsk” is all that is heard in the land. Still, an opportunity to shift the conversation about what a compassionate economy would actively rank differently than a capitalist economy is present multiple times during this and every day.

Questions arise: How many opportunities have I already missed? Will I be ready for the next one? Ultimately, can Mammon be regulated or otherwise agree to any limit? If so, where is that boundary?

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