I am, by nature, one who moseys—slower than faster. Some might see that as being non-responsive. The Sunday gathering I attend used this song today …

As might be expected, I appreciated the slowing of the song as it went along and gathered a wider perspective.

While at home in the slow lane, I did note one drawback to my natural inclination—entropy. As a group or context gets larger/broader, the speed on the circumference gets faster and faster. If you have seen those large three-bladed, energy-producing windmills, the blade tips are traveling, depending on the wind, at a surprising speed of 120–180 miles per hour.

If you are new to a group and located on the edge, if the entire system doesn’t slow down, you may be spun off before you can make sufficient contact points to ride until comfortable and begin to have your gifts migrate inward toward increasing usefulness.

Should the circle become universal, there would be a tendency to finally come to a grinding halt. Slowing to the point of reversal is an on-going question about the theory of behavior by an individual, structure, and system.

Others may find the slow lane frustrating and not have been able to attend this long and hear my thanks to them for their work to jump ahead. Somehow Jumpin’ Jack Flash is needed to balance out my hero among the dwarves—Sleepy.

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