Not Me

I am well acquainted with the concept of “Me” and “Mine”. These early survival orientations center me in the universe. Feed me! appears all along my timeline.

As time proceeded, it became apparent that some other provided what I needed. Knowing how to synch with this “You” and “Your” is a benefit. It smooths out the need to regularize the transfer from out-there to in-here.

Even later, it appeared that moving toward an “Our” and “Ours” had an extra benefit of finding a way to meet needs in a variety of time and space locations. A wider storehouse also brought the possibility of access to tribal assets and the storing of them for some amount of time and accumulating more than was immediately needed.

“Me”, “You”, and “Our” are well-marked in our language. Their abundant references reveal what is important to us. Of note is the lack of consideration for that which is “Not Me”. “You” and “Our” can pick up some of this, but still are derivatives filled with projections of and allegiance to “Me”.

One of the sins of the Enlightenment and Industrial/Digital Revolutions is the loss of that which is beyond definition as “human”. To have lost touch with all that is other-than-human means we anthropomorphize and dominate without recognizing the presence and value of any not directly associated with “Me”, “You”, and “Our”.

So we design mechanistic economies, rape earthly resources, and constrain dreams.

For a moment, consider what will designate, for you, what is “Not You”. Here is a door to a broader and softer satisfaction.

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