We’ve all seen a “purple cow” rampaging beyond its range. We claim we would never want to be one. Yet, we can’t put the spectacle and the promise of purple milk rising to the top of desired commodities out-of-mind. We remain committed to garnering a monopoly able to be our cash cow. No matter what the color of a cornered market, it all looks green to us. Even invisible bitcoins have a green tinge.

Agricultural innovation is never far from any other that can build a base upon an economic loophole, an enforcer military/police, a purchasable body politic, and a captive educational process able to justify anything with select data points. With these structures, innovation never is innovation. It is just the latest distraction that can be taken advantage of.

If we are to have eyes able to spot the latest illusionist’s nakedness, we will need to better parse out indigo and violet without settling for a generic purple. It is a skill to be specific and not get caught up in what-if and might-be and all the other rumors that cherry-pick information and recombine it into one suspicion after another, each further afield than the last.

May we end this new year better able to cut through life’s illusions. We might start with being clear that a “common defense” cannot generate “general welfare.” Defense always needs more, and there is soon nothing left for goodness’ sake. General welfare will rally a defense when needed. Until we get this, we will lurch from one Space Force fraud to the next. A final lurch will be into the graveyard of every Empire – hollowed until it implodes from a lack of care for what we hold in common.

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