Quest Question

To seek – to wonder – both come from ye olde Latin, quaerere — quest/question.

Both “quest” and “question” can cease prematurely. Seeking easily fades when a finding occurs. Questions all too easily stop when an answer is given.

To hold “quest” and “questions” together begins to move in the direction of a fabled perpetual motion machine. Somehow or other, gravity and friction, be they ever so slight, eventually exert their presence. In like manner, “found” and “answer” clog the cogs of wonder.

Throughout a quest, there come new questions. A quest need not be at its conclusion before a new question sets the original quest on another bearing that will hopefully better triangulate an expected destination. Since a worthy quest feels like a Delphic Oracle has set it, there needs to be continual refinements of the initial directive. It is always possible that the quest was completed days or years ago and simply not recognized at the time.

Presuming a quest goes straight through from its setting to its completion, if it doesn’t automatically result in a new question and its implied quest – it was too small a quest.

The same holds true for questions that go beyond a first or incomplete answer. A worthy question looks for responses that will stimulate a finer quest. Answers get in the way.

Try phrasing one of your questions in the form of a quest and see if it increases your interest in more fulsome living. If a quest has drifted away, rephrasing a question may reinvigorate it.

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