Airplanes build in redundancy lest one failure condemn the well-being of the whole. “Safety first!” allows passengers to arrive back on earth in one piece.

American society and economy also build in redundancy (job loss) for labor. A long line of under-employed and unemployed await their “opportunity” to feed the wealthy as they are plugged into the drudgery required for corporate profit.

Job redundancy keeps stress on laborers to keep them docile. Always there is the promise of better and the fear of other workers conspiring against them for their little cog.

A zero-sum game is a set-up for those who have little, putting that little at risk. This allows those who have much to ride content as their more appears to increase of its own accord, automatically.

Until people are accorded the safety concern given to airplanes, they will continue to crash and crash. In such a scenario, it becomes only a matter of time before there is no safety anywhere and the whole system comes tumbling down.

Blindness to the long-term effect of employment erosion leads to treating labor like any other natural resource – disposable and irreplaceable. This double-whammy has consequences. A plane can fly with half its engines, but not with none of them.

Institutions are famous for responding to a problem with the lowest percentage of an answer as they can. Disposable and irreplaceable is not a complication with only one vector. If applied to a job without including all other components, the problem has not been solved – it will return multiplied and be the more challenging to resolve.

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