Here we are, reflecting whatever holds the time/space of a G*D right on back to said posited G*D. This reflective process of “Here’s how you’re looking to me” is an important part of a relationship or partnership.

Were someone to have tracked my various reflections over time, they might picture a lovely patchwork quilt or a grand confusion. And you?

We might talk about this grounding spot in terms of a person or a place or a path or a chosenness of one sort or another or …. No matter what general category of religion or none we might claim or reference, we are responding to the difference between an unarticulated or limited hope and its perceived distance from our current/anticipated circumstance.

7 x 7
available responses
promise a 50th
open space
unexpectedly sown
on its own
already present
an absence
of forced meaning
shaping dominion
in our image
so far a handful
of options repeat
and yet again
only 44 more
names of G*D
to promised rest

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