Species come with boundaries, limits that keep it definable. At the edges, there is a wondrous grouping of interspecies. These do not continue within the species and so remain separate. The boundary still holds.

There are variants within a species that continue along on the family’s recessive side, awaiting a triggering.

Within a species, its health lies in continuing to meet the realities of its context. A sufficient number of variants is needed to meet the contingencies of a changed reality. An analysis of the range of a species is important to have a sense of the variety of variants expected. The smaller the variety, the smaller the range, and vice versa.

Within the human species, there is a variety of both variants and the tools they develop. The range is large and increasing to the point of extending to planets previously claimed to be alien.

Even as there are genetic boundaries to be respected, social and cultural systems set up additional limits called classes based on artificial constructs or definitions—race, economic possession, and raw power.

A human species’ health requires a vitality within its variants that can continue to assist the whole. Honoring the boundaries of genes and the reality of larger contexts that limit species requires dissolving social and cultural discriminations that constrain the gifts needed to respond to a changing environment. Using all the gifts available brings new strength and flexibility. Restricting any of the gifts brings weakness and fragility.

Needed: a valuing of those adjudged least and worthless. They hold the proverbial fountain of youth that contributes a new response to repeated histories again being forgotten.

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