Tao Te – 64

it takes little to maintain peace
to overcome trouble before it begins
to shatter the brittle
lose track of small details

act before things fall apart
attend to process before confusion begins

a tree wider than arm can span began as an acorn
a terraced garden begins as a pile of dirt
a thousand-mile journey starts before a first step

those relying on action defeat their own intent
those who grasp end with an empty hand
the wise defeat defeat through (non)action
not grasping they do not lose

the greatest failure comes on the leading margin of success
to care for the end is to care for the beginning
to care beyond success or failure

so the wise seek release from desire
not collecting treasures
not idolizing ideas
to bring people to awareness of what they have lost
to help the ten thousand lost things find their own way
by restraint in action

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