The evening of Thanksgiving brought a reminder that I had not posted a note here. This one will go out tomorrow.

A part of my evening has been editing a next book on Mark (verse by verse comment and a stanza).

Here is a stanza from 10:46 that is ripe for editing:

we arrive footloose and fancy free
free to not claim a right of place
to claim a partner’s place
alongside additional liberators

having arrived ragtag and unnoticed
is not the same as inconsequential
is open to receiving new parts of life
decorating seeming nothingness

we leave slowed by new partners
each looking for a long-goodbye
before settling back to work
with renewed focus and energy

each long-goodbye opening new avenues
to saunter down in exploratory mode
finding here an unnoticed connection
a thanksgiving for ordinary moments

each goodbye opens eyes
we never knew we had it so good
and even better we hear new calls
in unexpected quarters 

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