Too Little, Too Late

With increasing dismay, I still hear commentators suggesting that Republican leadership still have time to hint that the losing candidate for President will have one despicable pardon too many or any of numerous ways he will burden the future governance of the nation.

They have been well-trained. When you see others eviscerated for any deviance, it is easy to overvalue your own guts by bowing low. Even if a majority eventually found enough solid footing to raise a discouraging word, the real need is for action to preclude a deepening disaster.

Too much time has passed. The degree of damage is at such a level it is difficult to know how stopping now changes much.

While an argument can be made that right action is always right, we are in no moral position to assert it. Take a look at the history of deals in protecting people and places. If we can make things worse by playing off present economic gain against future benefit, we have consistently done so. There is no credible evidence that this is still not the case. We seem to enjoy fooling ourselves into thinking a corner has been turned. Time and again, it has been proved false.

There ever has only been the putting of hand to the struggle or honoring our ancestors’ best intentions and providing the best platform for our descendants to flourish. Even this worthy goal faces the mutability of time. Mutation and death will have more lasting presence and effect.

Nothing but removal from office (which would make him even more of a whining martyr) and being held accountable (unfortunately, narcissists cannot accept losing, it only energizes them) is constitutionally available.

On the bright side, there is little to recommend visiting a DJT Presidential Library to so many Lost Causes (even though they will claim more visitors per year than all the other Presidential Libraries combined). At best, it will document the primordial Id carefully taught to be insatiable.

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