it used to be
ever so easy
one little box
alongside another
check this one
and that one too
any box will do
so so easy
until it isn’t
a thought a hunch
will no longer do
from seeming nowhere
so well documented
autogenic massacre
between and within
the smallest boxes
no you can’t
you’re not even you
gaslighting abuse
a handmaid’s tale
crushes every fantasy
routine has failed
no spare courage
will get us
half-a-league onward
guns surround
little empty boxes
rubble is but
a matter of time
so learn to play
in the dirt
there is no past
to be great again
and yet
such sweet words
meaning can be made
even added together
until there are
no more untils
bless yourself
with yourself
until all are blessed
so great
a sweetness

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